“(Des)amménageons” – Revue d”urbanisme alternatif – Source : «URBAINE » *14 été – automne 2007.


(Des)amménageons” – Revue d”urbanisme alternatif – Source : «URBAINE » *14 été – automne 2007.

Le contraire d’aménager c’est DESAMENAGER.

Amenagement” means moving in the place and transforming it for different purposes. So the opposite thing is “desamenagement“. It can be done by government (sometimes acting smarter then other times), or by inhabitants like a protest, a demonstration against particular thing. “Desamenager“, in my comprehension, is like filtering (scanning) everything place or city has and sorting out unnecessary things.

There are different kinds of interventions than can improve urban environment and cityscape. “Desamenagement” includes creating liberty, creating comfortable environment in the city.

Resume- Review of alternative Urban Planning

If I understand correctly then there exist several kinds of “desamenageons“. For example “suramenager“- it is when there are too much things being introduced in particular public place without clear concept or idea. Then there are empty places “vides“, which can be used wise and creative or can stay just empty places. And third thing- “Desamenagement“- not simple thing to do. People who are making projects for “desamenagement” of the city must consider many aspects that influence the urban city life. Actually these changes can be done by inhabitants as well as the governments and politicians. That is the factor that makes urban situation dynamic and variable.

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